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Listen/purchase: Awry by Deebs

Listen/purchase: The Middle by Gizmo

Bandcamp Weekly – 5th Anniversary Special

Celebrating five years of Bandcamp (and a shiny new app), we feature guest mixes from Seattle MC/production duo THEESatisfaction and eclectic Brazilian selector Rodrigo Brandao (Mais Um Discos). We also chat with Shigeto, and air tracks by Diggs Duke, Lord Echo, Jean Grae, Sufjan Stevens and Zoë Keating.

Listen/purchase: Skilled Trade by Apollo Brown

The Last of the Dog Days | Indiegogo

Please take some time to check out the project: “The Last of the Dog Days”. My colleague and friend Lyndsay Holton and her crew need people to donate and/or spread the word about the project. Here’s the link:

Listen/purchase: Crisis by Natasha Kmeto

Listen/purchase: North by Sango

Listen/purchase: BST001 by Blankstairs

Listen/purchase: Earthbound by Fortune Howl

Listen/purchase: Time Passes by Hideo Nakasako

Listen/purchase: Fairytale EP by PAWS

Listen/purchase: Urban Problems by CavityFang

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